Of course, travelers can book vacations directly, but in today’s world of vast options and serious issues that factor into plans, travel consultants can save vacationers time and provide great peace-of-mind. At Travelong of Summit, we’re proud to get to know our clients and understand their travel wishes and needs. Our experiences, connections, and access to special travel opportunities as part of industry consortia such as Virtuoso enable us to help dreams come true! If you’re unsure of all the areas in which a travel consultant can provide value, see Why Work With an Advisor?

Daydreaming starts here! Here are insights on a few fabulous destinations:

Of course, staying safe and healthy is of utmost importance. It’s good to take these precautions when traveling and know that we’re ready to help if an emergency occurs during your trip.


Our travel consultants put their love of travel and knowledge to work, creating wonderful vacations for travelers!