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    Puerto Rico – May 2020

    I spoke to someone today who took a Jet Blue flight to Puerto Rico last week and in the airport in NY, the process was very quick.  She had to remove a few items from her carry on to show at the check point but was on the flight very quickly without much wait.   Since this was a week ago, masks were not mandatory, now they are.  She wore a mask anyway. On the flight, there were 6 seats in every row and only 4 people occupied those seats, Aisle and Window only and no emergency row seats were occupied.    When getting off the plane in PR, she was given a temperature check and an antibody test, the antibody test was voluntary and free.   They also asked her questions like have you been sick, did you have any of these symptoms, where will be you be staying, etc.  This is to determine if contact tracing is required.  It was similar to customs in that you can expect 30-60 minutes once you get off the plane to leave the airport.  Everyone is wearing masks and the beaches are closed.  The stores are open 9am-5pm.   On the way back to NY from PR, there was no wait getting on the plane or getting off and out of the airport.   Jet Blue serves a potato chips and a bottle of water in a bag.  You are allowed to bring outside food on the plane from home but if you want a different drink, you have to buy it at the airport.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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