With the great news of the U.S. dollar currently doing better against the euro, you may want to take that trip you’ve always dreamed of! Desired destinations throughout Europe are now more affordable for Americans. We’ve narrowed down the many wonderful options to a few of our favorites, as one never knows when the dollar-euro ratio will change again! We recommend these destinations for European travel in 2015:

Italy! It’s continually on “best of” lists and for good reason! The stunning natural beauty, art, history, architecture, food, climate and overall aura make it wonderful. We like the following select boutique hotels in popular cities, for their luxury, history, authentic feel , and service:

and England make for a great multi-country, diverse experience and are on the bucket list of many Americans.

is one of our favorite places! It’s more recently become a hot destination, perhaps partially due to it being a stop on many Mediterranean cruise itineraries (such as these from Virtuoso travel consortium, of which we are a member), and subsequent positive word-of-mouth from those who have visited.


These recommendations are based on our travel consultants’ extensive experience and insider knowledge of these and many other European destinations. Contact us today at 908-277-2700 with any questions or to start planning!